Imagine a beautiful beach where two seas crash together, joining two hues of brisk water in stark contrast. Crisp air swirls around the rocky shores and gorgeous light filters through lush, gray clouds. This is Scandinavia, the land of our heritage. Meet the Liljenquist sisters: Marianne, Angela, Allison, Natalie. We grew up learning about and loving our Danish ancestry and culture. Our Grandma Marge cooked us aebleskiver and instilled in us the sensible, light-infused, Scandinavian aesthetic. Whether it be in clothing, furniture, or architecture, we came to love the clean lines, neutral colors, fabulous textures, and contrast between light and dark found in Scandinavian design. Our Mom and Dad taught us to work hard and to appreciate beautiful music, inspiring art, and great clothes. We all took a turn working at our family’s clothing store and from this experience, we discovered our passion: finding and creating intriguing style influenced by our love for Scandinavian design. Baltic Born is a culmination of everything we adore—so much more than just apparel—and we can’t wait to share our Scandinavian lifestyle with you. Join us on our journey to celebrate our beloved Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle. Let’s hygge!

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    Posted on June 30 2017

    We're excited to have Jacqui from Blissfully Blonder here to share her favorite patriotic looks with us! Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram and click on the...

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    Posted on November 03 2016

    Recently, I went to Europe and spent 15 days traveling around Italy, Spain and Portugal. I learned a lot about what the necessities of traveling are for that amount of...

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    Posted on September 12 2016

    15 Things to Know About Natalie Clark Where do you fall in the family? I'm the oldest of six children. Where did you grow up? Rexburg, Idaho  What did you do for...

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