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  • 3 Amazing Dresses For Thanksgiving Dinner

    Posted on October 08 2019

    The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it's going to be here before we know it. The holidays can be one of the most amazing times of the year, but...

  • Fall Maxi Dresses For Your Baby Bump

    Posted on October 02 2019

    We are officially in full swing for fall over here, and we have so many treats in store for you. We are always thinking of our baby bump mamma's who...

  • 5 Dresses to wear Before, During, and after Pregnancy

    Posted on September 01 2019

    Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your personal sense of style, or your ability to dress up. You can be pregnant, and still dress in a way that doesn’t compensate your own personal style or mood. 

    @doxies_and_decor Products Highlighted: Athena Maxi, Marion Maxi, Whitney Maxi, Dolce Maxi, Adelaide Maxi There is nothing more frustrating than being pregnant and having to change your entire wardrobe. Most people...

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