Imagine a beautiful beach where two seas crash together, joining two hues of brisk water in stark contrast. Crisp air swirls around the rocky shores and gorgeous light filters through lush, gray clouds. This is Scandinavia, the land of our heritage. Meet the Liljenquist sisters: Marianne, Angela, Allison, Natalie. We grew up learning about and loving our Danish ancestry and culture. Our Grandma Marge cooked us aebleskiver and instilled in us the sensible, light-infused, Scandinavian aesthetic. Whether it be in clothing, furniture, or architecture, we came to love the clean lines, neutral colors, fabulous textures, and contrast between light and dark found in Scandinavian design. Our Mom and Dad taught us to work hard and to appreciate beautiful music, inspiring art, and great clothes. We all took a turn working at our family’s clothing store and from this experience, we discovered our passion: finding and creating intriguing style influenced by our love for Scandinavian design. Baltic Born is a culmination of everything we adore—so much more than just apparel—and we can’t wait to share our Scandinavian lifestyle with you. Join us on our journey to celebrate our beloved Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle. Let’s hygge!

  • Pitaya Bowls at Home: Natalie Shows You the Easy Way

    Posted on May 20 2017

    I'm a smoothie/bowl/juice addict; there are three smoothie joints within a mile of my house and I should basically just dump my entire monthly income on their counters because I...

  • Glorious Grasshoppers: Our Favorite Cupcakes

    Posted on April 27 2017

    The four of us are OBSESSED with grasshopper-flavored anything. Give us everything involving Oreos and peppermint, please! For our one-year birthday celebration, I made these amazing grasshopper cupcakes and since lots...

  • 10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men Under $100

    Posted on January 29 2017

    It seems like we all get the same feelings at about this time, every time a gift-giving holiday approaches... you know, the alarming anxiety and stress of what to get...

  • How to Maintain an Icy Blonde Hair Color

    Posted on January 10 2017

      There is nothing worse than paying a ton of money to get your hair colored blonde and then have it turn into brassy straw just 3 weeks later, am...

  • Allison's 6 Go-To Products to Keep Dry Skin Looking Radiant

    Posted on January 02 2017

    My skin is extremely dry and during the winter it gets even worse. Add pregnancy and below freezing temperatures and I feel like my face has aged 3 years in...

  • Our Mama Shelley's Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Posted on December 23 2016

    Did you love the cookies at our open house last night? Want the recipe? Our mom taught us to cook and undoubtedly, the first thing we all learned to make...

  • 7 Reasons I Love Madrid

    Posted on December 01 2016

    Let's talk about Madrid, Spain. Without a doubt, it was my favorite stop when I traveled to Europe recently. I highly recommend seeing Spain's grandiose capital at least once in your life. Here's...

  • The Sisters' Favorite Hair Styles: Front Braid to Bun

    Posted on November 27 2016

    Today we are sharing one of our long-time favorite hair styles with you! We have been wearing this quick and easy 'do for years and we are still in love with the way...

  • Natalie's Favorite Paleo Snacks

    Posted on October 09 2016

    I've been one-foot-on the Paleo bandwagon for about five years and while I occasionally indulge in sugar and grains, I really love how I feel when I eat a diet...

  • Marianne's Favorite Soup Recipies

    Posted on October 02 2016

    This time of year, when it starts to cool down and you can feel the crisp air, always puts me in the mood for some tasty soup. Whether you’re hosting...

  • Football and Fall

    Posted on September 29 2016

    I don't know anyone who doesn't love this time of year!  The temperature is cooling down and the leaves are changing.  Everything pumpkin fills our favorite restaurants.  Football consumes our...

  • Allison's Favorite Fall Treats

    Posted on September 25 2016

    I don't know about you but whenever Sunday afternoon rolls around, I get some serious sugar cravings. There's nothing like a homemade cookie that hits the spot. Here are some of...

  • Hi! It's Me, Natalie

    Posted on September 12 2016

    15 Things to Know About Natalie Clark Where do you fall in the family? I'm the oldest of six children. Where did you grow up? Rexburg, Idaho  What did you do for...

  • A Green Smoothie for Veggie Haters

    Posted on April 19 2016

    There are two things I despise: washing dishes and preparing vegetables for human consumption. I know veggies are good for me but geez...You want me to spend 40 minutes washing, peeling,...

  • Perfect Hair for Perfect Weather

    Posted on April 05 2016

    Hi everyone! I have worked at Lunatic Fringe Salon Sugar House for the past three years. I've won several awards and I love being on the artistic team at my...

  • Bang For Your Buck: ColourPop Cosmetics Deliver

    Posted on March 23 2016

    Angela is our resident makeup junkie! From the time she was 13, she has been experimenting with awesome new looks and buying and trying new brands. Here's what she has...

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