Our Trip To The French Riviera

Posted on September 08 2019

Baltic Born has always been inspired by European fashion, and specifically our Scandinavian descent. European fashion has prolonged classic, and simple fashion while also maintaining the highest trends. Traveling is our favorite thing to do but packing can be one of the most difficult things, as you are constantly stressing about what to wear. While especially taking a trip as big as this one, it was important to us that we looked, and felt our best, but also embraced the European culture, and most importantly, the people of France. 
We wanted to give you a quick peek into our trip, and the amazing highlights we were able to experience. We also wanted to share with you our favorite Baltic Born pieces, and how they continue to travel with us around the world. We would highly recommend to anyone that they should travel to the French Riviera, to experience the epitome of France. We have even given you some of the best places, and cities to visit. 


When most people think of France, they think of Paris. Although Paris is absolutely amazing, and a fashion epicenter, there is truly so much more to see of France. The French Riviera consists of many cities within the coastline, and each one has its own unique flair, and personality. 

We first visited Cannes, a complete resort town. This city is lined with beaches, boutiques, and incredible modern architecture. It was a very high-end city and had a very modern approach compared to many cities in France. We were pleasantly surprised at how incredibly family-friendly this city was and how safe we felt! A chocolate croissant every morning was a must with gelato after dinner. When in France, right?! They had the most amazing restaurants lining the pier and the food was to die for everywhere we ate.  Not to mention, amazing sunsets every single night!

Next, we visited the fun and the unexpected town of St. Tropez. This is the ultimate destination of the French Riviera. A celebrity favorite for sure!! We had to take a train and a boat to get there which made the adventure even more fun. The city itself is tiny little streets with amazing local art and shops. Then you head over to the beaches and it's like HELLO!  Day club central! This town had gorgeous, and fun old town shops, and yachts all over the harbor. It was the epitome of a coastal town and had beautiful beaches with great sand for the Mediterranean. 

Eze is a city in southern France that completely took us by surprise. While there, we hiked 2.2km straight uphill. We were not planning on this, and we were not prepared. We counted it as our workout for the week lol! However, this was one of our most favorite places that we toured around. Our jaws were constantly dropping at simply how beautiful the scenery was. 

Our last stop within the French Riviera was Monaco! This city was so clean, and it was almost like Disneyland, everything was so perfect. This city had insane high-end shopping and absolutely delicious food. Casino's life is famous here! The architecture was breathtaking, and it was such a safe country. No uber was allowed there, and there was 1 policeman to every 7 people, it was truly remarkable. Not to mention that in one in three individuals here are millionaires! Overall, this city was a gorgeous statement of what the French Riviera is all about. 

This trip was truly an amazing journey through the Mediterranean! We experienced amazing food, shopping, and authentic French culture. 

We are so excited to continue to share more of the amazing parts of our travels!
Baltic Born (Allison, Angela, & Marianne)
Article Author: Bella Housel


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