The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it's going to be here before we know it. The holidays can be one of the most amazing times of the year, but they can also be one of the most stressful when determining what you should wear. We don't want any woman to feel that she has nothing to wear for the holidays. We also want you to feel confident about going in front of family or friends or dressing up for your partner at home. 



We've gathered some of our newest arrivals to create the perfect glam look for your Thanksgiving Dinner. Wearing a maxi dress to Thanksgiving Dinner is an ideal choice. They are light, adjustable, flowy, while also still maintaining a level of class, and beauty that is incomparable. We can't wait to see you in these! 


The Lydia Maxi is an absolute dream. 
It is light, functional, comfortable, and glamorous. 
This dress is ideal for baby bumps, or women with taller figures. It has a tie sash waist which allows for it to be adjustable for our momma's who are expecting a baby! 
This dress would be perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner. The color radiates fall and celebrates autumn. It is representative of classic glamour and is the perfect simple touch to your holiday season. This dress could continue to be used all throughout the holidays. 
Ah, we just cannot say enough good things. 
We can't wait to see you pull this beauty off for the holidays! 



The Victoria Maxi is classic, sexy, and chic. 

 This color screams Fall and "let's celebrate the holiday season!" We love this dress because it is so simple, yet absolutely stunning. 

This dress is off the shoulder with beautiful movement which means that is is a brilliant choice for our woman with baby-bumps. This dress would be stunning to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner and any holiday party. It is the perfect balance of being classy, but not overdressed. 

 Overall, this dress is flattering and simply gorgeous. It is going to be the perfect option to wear to your upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner and to flaunt at all of the upcoming yearly celebrations. 

You're going to look like a babe in this dress, and we can't wait to see it happen. 


To say that we are in love with this maxi dress is an understatement. We could stare at all day, and never get sick of it. The color, the wrap, the fit! It is truly a dream. 

The Cadence Maxi is yet another incredible Maxi to add your wardrobe this holiday season. The stunning, and vibrant colors add flare and maturity to maxi dresses. This is the maxi dress that will tell everyone you know that you spent hours getting ready when really, it was all the dress. 


This dress seriously checks every box that we have. Flattering? Check. Baby-Bump friendly? Check. Perfect for the holidays? Check. 

This needs to be in your closet for family pictures, holiday parties, maternity pictures, and so much more.  


 Did we mention this dress is also perfect for larger bust sizes, and broad shoulders? Seriously, there are just so many good things that we can say. 

We could brag about this dress all night long, but ultimately we want you to see what you mean. We can't wait to see you rock this beauty at your Thanksgiving Dinner! 


 This Thanksgiving season we are so grateful for all of the amazing women who continue to inspire our business and believe in our company. We are truly grateful for the women who continue to be who they are and show that through their fashion. We commend all of you, regardless of what you're doing in life, and we support you! 

Let's kick off this Holiday season! Let's shop. 


Allison, Angela, & Marianne

Article Author: Bella Housel