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Meet the sisters Behind Baltic Born

Together we started Baltic Born because we were looking for pieces that we felt comfortable in through all the different stages of our lives as women and without breaking the bank.

Meet the sisters Behind Baltic Born

Together we started Baltic Born because we were looking for pieces that we felt comfortable in through all the different stages of our lives as women and without breaking the bank.

3 Sisters, 1 Goal: To create beautiful and timeless styles that allow all women to be empowered and confident at every stage of life.The Baltic Sea has a history that is entrenched in discovery, war, and rebirth. It has been called a symbol of power, described as the connector for trades, and unites the countries that share the shoreline. Through its turbulent history, this body of water continues to unite the people and countries who depend on it for their livelihood.

As three sisters with Scandinavian heritage, we chose to build a business that celebrated our own history and mirrored the symbolism of the Baltic Sea. We each have navigated life on different paths, in ever-changing bodies, and have loved and celebrated how each of us are so unique. No matter what life has brought us, we are constantly evolving and growing, which has challenged us and brought us closer together.

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We started Baltic Born to empower the women in our community, near and far, to navigate their own path each day at a time. We want our community to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable to conquer their own goals and passions. As a team, we custom design the majority of our pieces with our community’s needs in mind and hand select items from brands and wholesalers that we trust.

Allison is the oldest of the three sisters and is a busy mom on the go. Allison's inspiration for Baltic Born started when she and her husband of eleven years began an adventure where in 9 years they lived in 10 cities. She continually was the ‘new-one’ to the neighborhood, which grew her understanding and need for sisterhood and how important it can be to have a strong bond with her community.

Each day she motivates the Baltic Born team to be innovative, and keep the customer's needs at the center of all decisions! She loves being a mom and a wife, but the satisfaction she gets from creating designs for women all over the world that make them feel beautiful from the inside out definitely brings tears to her face weekly! Reading all the messages from customers that come in of how beautiful their Baltic Born dress made them feel is the fuel for her work! She loves helping women feel confident and worthy of loving themselves.

What is something you wish everyone knew about Baltic Born?

Baltic Born is more than just an idea, but rather part of our heritage. Our grandfather introduced us to the industry. As kids we loved to visit him at his men's clothing store. From a young age he would show us how to measure suits, pick fabric, and emphasised the importance of putting the customer first. But this started long before our grandfather, in the 1800’s our Scandinavian ancestors were designing and tailoring clothes for their community and even for the Danish king. The birth of Baltic Born was just a matter of time!

What is something that people don’t know about you?

I am bilingual. I had the opportunity to live in Denmark for a year and half and am still fluent in Danish. I absolutely love Danish culture and still host aebleskivers and Christmas dinners focused on all my favorite Danish foods!
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Angela is the middle sister and has been the driving force behind Baltic Born’s growth and passion. Angela is our go-to gal to navigate circumstances where there is no clear path forward, and finds solutions when challenges seem impossible. She is our visionary and is constantly motivating all of us to be the best version of ourselves.

Angela loves to travel. From one of her first international trips she began noticing the beauty and confidence of a woman on the go. She saw how a simple design and style could make any woman feel confident and empowered no matter the zip code, country code, or terrain. She recognized this confidence as she crossed borders, she saw it in varying body shapes and phases of life. As she herself wears many hats, she knew that this is what she wanted for the customers of Baltic Born.

You’re called to do something brave, what’s the first thing you do?

I take a deep breath and think about my son who means the world to me. I always think of how my decisions may impact him. I also might reach for a Diet Dr. Pepper, as that is my go-to destresser then send a group text to the sisters to weigh in. Each of us have incredibly different opinions on almost everything, so I want to make sure I have considered all possibilities. IF there’s one thing I’ve learned running this business, it’s that three brains are better than one!

What is the biggest lesson learned from starting Baltic Born with your two sisters?

To believe in yourself. Many people do not know that it was a hard path for us to get to where we are now. I know I had many sleepless nights with a newborn as did Allison, and Marianne was essentially working two full time jobs. There were so many times it would have been much easier to give up. But we believed in ourselves, and we pushed each other to keep going even when it got hard. There are definitely days that we did not get along, but at the end of the day we all believe in each other and that will keep us moving forward.
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Marianne is the youngest sister and is the catalyst of Baltic Born’s creativity and style. From a young age, Marianne began dressing up her dolls in chic mix and match ensembles, and ‘fixing’ their hair to look better. This critical eye propelled her into starting her own successful business and became an award winning hair stylist. As many true artists can see their designs before a single line is put on canvas, Marianne’s creativity and eye for detail has propelled Baltic Born into a brand that cannot go unnoticed.

Marianne has prompted Baltic Born into a space of asking ‘What if?” What if we offered bridesmaids dresses in complementary tones for all body shapes and sizes? What if we were to style all of our clothes, so it was easier for our customers to buy and wear? Marianne has pushed the boundaries of how we used to shop for clothes by taking out the guessing game of ‘how will this look on me?’ and instead used her brilliance to ensure each customer can wear Baltic Born’s clothes with confidence.

Give us a snapshot of an ordinary moment in your life that brings you great joy?

With the hustle of owning a business and working at a fast pace, I really enjoy my downtime. An ordinary moment in my life that brings me a lot of joy is a night in with my husband. Just the two of us, making a home cooked meal together (pasta is our favorite) then relaxing on our couch. I of course need to be wearing a pair of my matching pajamas, and he might be catching up on the day’s sports highlights. Just thinking of that moment brings me joy.

What is something that people often get wrong about you?

I tend to observe and listen to the environment around me. I often don’t speak up, because I am putting together a puzzle of all the information in my thoughts. So sometimes, people think that I am quiet, but I am often just listening for meaning or intent.
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