This is Marianne and Angela and we have come to the conclusion that if a lipstick looks good on both of us, it's a winner! Marianne has extremely fair skin, while Angela is more olive toned, so naturally, we lean toward different shades of makeup. HOWEVER, there are a few lipsticks we have found in the last 10 years that actually look good on both of us, and we have decided that if these pass the test for two very different complexions, they will work for everyone.

Here is our list of lip colors that look good on every skin tone:

1. Lumiere 2 by ColourPop - This dusty mauve is #1 on our list for many reasons! Let's start with the price - $6! - We have yet to find a formula that we love as much for as little money as this, which leads us to my next reason: the formula of these lipsticks is unmatchable. It goes on liquid, enabling you to fix errors and shape it, then dries matte and can stay on all day but it doesn't stain. The color is also stunning. It looks great with neutral outfits, adding a pop of color to the face without being over-bearing. Yay for great deals that are actually great quality!

2. Viva Glam II by MAC - We have been wearing this lipstick for 5 years...not exaggerating. Angela loves this deeper nude (she has slightly olive skin, so can't wear the super light nude tones) and she naturally goes back to this lipstick every season. In fact, she usually has two on hand (lol), one in the makeup bag and one in the purse! You can wear it alone as an everyday shade or add some brown-hued liner to make it darker - both look great. AND... it is extremely moisturizing; sometimes we put it on like lip balm! Can't say enough good things about Viva Glam II!

3. Requiem by Kat Von D - We love these long-wear lip stains because they go on smooth then dry to a truly matte finish without drying your lips or looking crusty. This color is a soft lilac color and paired with a nude liner, it will give you shape and definition for a fuller lip without going overboard. Sometimes I'll top it off with gloss for a soft beautiful natural lip.

Requiem by Kat Von D

4. Sin by MAC - You know those shoes you get complimented on every time you wear them? This is like the same thing. Every time we wear this shade, we hear about it! This deep blue-hued red is sexy and sultry and literally looks good on every skin tone. If you haven't tried a bold color before, try this one (Make sure to use a liner with any dark color; we like this one). Added perk: it makes your teeth look really white!

5. Trap by ColourPop - This is our favorite color on the list. We have re-ordered this too many times to count (I mean, it's $6) and we just never get sick of it. It works as an everyday shade, but can also be worn out at night with a darker liner. The formula and durability of this lipstick gets an A++++++ from both of us! We can't say enough good things about Trap and you should try it! 

Best lipsticks for every skin tone


6. Strange Magic Sheer Gel Lipstick by Marc Jacobs - This is the softest, most luxurious feeling lipstick ever! It glides on so smooth and creamy leaving lips soft and smelling like vanilla. It feels like balm because it's so moisturizing but the pigment is just enough to give a pretty flush and wears well throughout the day.

Lipsticks that look good on every skin tone

Let us know your favorite colors and if you have found lipstick hues that should be added to this list!