Six generations back, Ola Nilsson Liljenquist was a master tailor in Copenhagen, Denmark. He brought his wife and four children to America in 1857 and was a pioneer who helped to settle the American West. He established a legacy of hard work, service, and strong family ties as he traveled around the world, farmed in the wilderness, built a home and life in the wild, western desert, and served as the first mayor of Hyrum, Utah. He was a man who had a vision, set goals to achieve that vision, and worked tirelessly to accomplish amazing things in his life.

We sisters grew up listening to stories about our Grandpa Ola and loved learning about his dedication to his craft, his tailor's shop in Copenhagen, the food he ate, his travels, and the life of his family in the United States. Through learning about Ola, we came to learn about and love the land of our heritage. Scandinavian inspiration filtered through every element of our lives, from the striking, Swedish chairs our dad bought for his office to the use of natural light throughout our childhood home to the clean lines, sophisticated neutral palette, and organic materials of the Scandinavian clothing our grandma bought for us. Our hearts are tied to this rich heritage and we feel a strong bond to our Nordic culture.

This bond inspired us to create a place where we could share the beautiful Scandinavian aesthetic through clothing, food, and life with you. We hope you feel the love we have for our heritage and feel inspired by the beautiful light, texture, and styles we offer here. We'd love to hear about your heritage, so leave us a comment and tell us about what makes your family special.


Allison, Angela, and Marianne