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Who else lives for traveling? WE DO!!! Choosing what to wear while traveling can be very time consuming. You want to make sure that you're picture ready, but also comfortable, as most large trips usually include a large amount of walking. (Perhaps, hiking, if you're like us, and didn't realize our trip to France would include uphill hikes!) It's hard to find the balance between comfort, versability, and feeling like a rockstar while traveling to a different continent, or just on a road trip. We've compiled a few of the show-stopping dresses that we wore on our trip to France. These dresses would be ideal for any travel situation and would help to make you feel sexy and put-together while traveling. 
The Coco Slip Dress
We love the versatility of this simple yet full of personality slips dress! You can wear it alone, pair it with a leather jacket, or layer over your favorite tee. This dress is so comfortable because it has a satin-like material. It is guaranteed to provide both extreme comfort and extreme fashion. It is the perfect dress for walking during the day, while still being able to attend a nice dinner in the evening. It can be paired with cardigans, jean jackets, and blazers. We used this dress to walk around all of France, and never regretted wearing it! 
Luca Ruffle Dress 
This dress is basically perfect, and a complete sister's favorite. It is the star of the show and deserves to be worn to every destination. This dress is fully lined from elastic waist down. It is an amazing quality and has beautiful movement. The double ruffle on the shoulders gives it personality and style while still being comfortable. It is also bump-friendly. This dress is ideal for walking around high-fashion countries while also maintaining complete comfort and sustainability. 
Red Marion Maxi 
This dress is going to make you look, and feel amazing. We are pretty sure this dress will transport you to the french riviera while wearing it! The flow and movement of this maxi dress are stunning and perfect for all seasons. Did we mention it will also add like 3 inches to your height? Yeah, we love clothes that do that, too. We also love this dress because it creates a waist, and seriously looks good on everyone -- even baby bumps! This dress is seriously the most perfect dress to travel in. It would be perfect for lounging at the beach or exploring city life. This dress will always leave you feeling good, and looking good too! 
Avenues Dress 
This dress is completely ideal for travel settings. It is casual, and comfortable while still stylish, and extremely versatile. This dress is going to make you look incredible while you're out on the town, or meeting up with your travel friends for lunch. It is so functional, while still maintaining femininity. This dress will make you feel sexy while you're traveling, and maybe sweating from a lot of walking. Overall, this dress has an amazing fit and will make jaws drop from the airport, all throughout the city. 
 The Swede
 This dress is both beautiful, elegant, and effortless. It will look like you have put so much effort into getting ready when really you have simply just put this on. It has an incredible fit, and the fabric is really beautiful. It would be the perfect pair for walking around the Mediterranean or hitting Newport Beach in California. 
 We know so many women are being adventurous, and traveling all over the world, and we want you to feel confident, and sexy while doing so! These dresses will help you look, and feel amazing while you're traveling, and that is one less thing to worry about. Happy travels! 
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Article Author: Bella Housel