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There is nothing more frustrating than being pregnant and having to change your entire wardrobe. Most people often run from the maternity section in stores because it feels like you’re immensely downgrading your wardrobe. When you become pregnant your favorite pieces often take the back door, and you’re forced to completely replace them with pieces that fit your new size. It can be extremely discouraging to feel like you have to completely get rid of your sense of style during pregnancy. 
It’s so important for you to feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing while you’re pregnant, and comfort will often take first priority over everything. However, you may find yourself wearing the same sweats over, and over again, and feeling worse each time. While comfort is the first priority, it’s also important that you continue to feel good in the clothes you’re wearing, even while you’re pregnant. 
Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your personal sense of style, or your ability to dress up. You can be pregnant, and still dress in a way that doesn’t compensate your own personal style or mood. 
It’s extremely beneficial and rewarding to have pieces that you can wear before, during, and after pregnancy. Just imagine, not getting rid of your entire wardrobe when pregnancy comes around, and being able to continue to wear some of your favorite pieces. 
Baltic Born has compiled five dresses that are perfect for before, during, and after pregnancy. Each of these dresses will continue to allow you to feel feminine, sexy, and stylish while still maintaining the comfort you’re looking for during pregnancy. These dresses will help you to dress up, but to also have simplicity available. The ultimate bonus is that you will not have to hide these clothes in the trash, the minute your pregnancy is over. You will want to continue to wear these pieces, through every stage of life. 
The following dresses are perfect for maternity photos, and can be worn for so many occasions before, and after pregnancy! 
The Athena Maxi: This dress is absolutely gorgeous for maternity pictures. It has a very forgiving fit, so it works at every single stage of pregnancy. The fabric is very unique, and beautifully forms the body shape that is wearing it. It is nursing friendly. After pregnancy, this dress is an amazing option for galas, graduations, holiday parties, weddings, etc. It is available in multiple colors and can be perfect for any season. 
The Whitney Maxi: This dress is ultra-soft which means that it will guarantee complete comfort during pregnancy. It has stretchy ribbed material so it is slimming during pre, and post-pregnancy, while fitting during the season of the baby bump. This dress is perfect to dress up, or down. It is beautiful for maternity photos. It could easily be a dress for traveling, or simply for going about everyday activities. The piece is very versatile and is available in two colors. 
The Marion Maxi: This dress will transport you to Europe during your pregnancy. It is elegant, and classy, while so comfortable. It is the absolute perfect dress to pack for your next vacation and to wear during your entire pregnancy. This dress creates movement, so you’re as comfortable as possible. It can be worn on or off the shoulders, and it is so nice to have that variety throughout different stages. The waist is also adjustable which makes it great for before, during, and after pregnancy. 
The Dolce Maxi: This maxi is a complete dream, and is totally bump-friendly. This dress includes a self-tie rope at the waist that allows for adjustment throughout every stage of pregnancy. It is also a beautiful option for maternity photos. Before pregnancy, this dress can be worn on an everyday basis. It could be spotlighted at fancy parties, or simply beach outings.  It is extremely comfortable, and amazingly stunning. This dress will make you glow throughout all stages of pregnancy! 
The Adelaide Maxi: Effortlessly beautiful, completely feminine, and so comfortable. It will allow your pregnancy fashion blues to go away, and yet maintain the sizing, and comfort that you need. It is the ultimate combination of femininity and functionality. It can be worn to brunch, or dinner on a night out. It is also stunning for weddings and other events. It has elastic, and ruching at the waist to make it completely bump-friendly. This dress creates a beautiful transition for all stages of pregnancy. 
You'll be rocking every body type, before, during, and after pregnancy with these dresses! 
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Article Author: Bella Housel