Let's talk about Madrid, Spain.

Without a doubt, it was my favorite stop when I traveled to Europe recently. I highly recommend seeing Spain's grandiose capital at least once in your life. Here's why: 

1. Because it's beautiful and clean.

  2. Because I found a little restaurant that I absolutely loved and ate there every single day - La Mucca! The service and food here were perfect. I can't wait to go back!

la mucca restaurant madrid spain espana via baltic born

 3. Because it is a touristy city without feeling touristy. 

El Parque de Retiro Madrid

(When you're paddling on a boat ride through the main pond in the center of Parque del Retiro and feel like you're in a movie!) 

4. Because there are stunning views, buildings, and history around every single corner. 

Downtown Madrid

5. Because the Cathedral and Royal Palace are magical! (The palace is the largest in Spain with over 3,000 rooms inside.) 

Madrid Cathedral

Madrid Castle

Madrid Castle Entrance

6. Because Museo Del Prado is fascinating and even as a non-museum-goer, I still loved it.  

Museo Del Prado

7. Because I spent my 28th birthday in this magical city and felt so much love and good energy from the people in Madrid! 

Madrid, Spain

Have you been to Madrid? Comment with your favorite spot in this fantastic city!

XO, Angela