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You're off on your next weekend getaway, and we want to help you pack! You're only going for a few days, and you don't want to overpack, but you also don't want to be left without any of your favorite pieces. Here at Baltic Born, we love to travel! However, we face that same dilemma with packing for such a small trip. We've decided to compile some of our favorite pieces, along with our tips, and tricks for packing for a weekend getaway. These looks combined will make you look, and feel amazing on your trip! 


tumi travel suitcase

Airport/Plane Look 
Going to the airport, and getting on a plane for just a short amount of time is the perfect time to feel stylish, but comfortable. Whether you're flying with your partner, friends, or flying to meet someone special we want you to get off the plane feeling amazing. 
Charlie Waffle Knit 
This sweater is a perfect option for the plane during this crisp fall weather. It is light but also can keep you from freezing on the plane. It is comfortable yet extremely stylish, so it will be perfect for traveling and packing. This knit pairs well with jeans, or leggings, and can be dressed up, or down. It is extremely versatile so it would be perfect for later on in your trip as well! 


waffle knit top flatlay


Dinner/Evening Look:
One look that you're for sure going to want to have is an evening look. Regardless of where you're going, you're going to find yourself going out at night! You're on vacation! We want you to dress to impress, and look amazing! Packing dresses can take a lot of room, so we think it's important to choose one that is lightweight, and easy to pack. 
Celine Dress
This dress is the perfect piece for traveling because it is absolutely stow shopping, but also so versatile. The movement, and quality of this piece is amazing. It is also lightweight so it will be perfect for packing. It is going to give you the confidence you need to be away from home! It can also be easily paired with many accessories. This is a huge Baltic Born favorite!
Athena Maxi Dress
You just simply can't get better than this incredible dress. It is both fancy, elegant, and casual. It can be dressed up, or down, and is the perfect option for traveling because it is so lightweight. It could be worn to a gala, dinner, concert, or simply just a night out. It can be paired with a jean jacket or stylish coat. It is the perfect weekend getaway option! 


Athena Pleated Maxi in Peacock Blue

Casual Day Look
Throughout your weekend getaway, you will probably find yourself needing a more casual day look that you can shop in, or grab brunch. It's important that you take something that you're comfortable in, while also feeling good. Since Fall weather can be tricky, it would be smart to take something that you can add layers to, or take away. 
Stockholm Sweater 
This sweater is the perfect transitional piece for fall. It is flattering but also gives that comfy feeling for the cold weather. It also comes in incredible fall colors that you could pair with another layer for the nights that get cold. The sweater is comfortable but also compliments your figure. 
Annie Swiss Dot Blouse
This is one of our favorite tops because seriously you can wear it anywhere. You could layer this piece under some other layers, or wear it all by itself. It can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts, or really anything. It is elegant but casual. It is a perfect option for traveling. 

Deep-Sea Dangle Earring
It is an extreme pain to pack a lot of accessories, so it is going to be important to pack a few that are extremely versatile. These earrings pair with every outfit listed above, and are simple, yet bold. They are a brilliant option for traveling and could go for every look of the day. 
Geo Gold Dangle Earring
These earrings are beautiful! They're elegant, while also still being casual. They would be perfect to include in your accessory bag for a night out on the town. They would be beautifully paired with the Athena Maxi Dress or the Celine Dress.

Tumi Travel Weekend Getaway

 Some of our other favorite weekend getaway products are: 

- Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Foundation
- Refillable Water Bottle
- Make-Up Refreshing Spray
- Make-Up Organizer Bag
Whether you're going to Lake Tahoe, Manhattan, or San Francisco, these fall favorites are absolutely perfect to pack for a weekend getaway. They will have you feeling comfortable while traveling with the best sense of style. We can't wait to see where these pieces take you! 
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Article Author: Bella Housel